Friday, July 23, 2010

Life, in Broome Time

We stayed at Cable Beach Caravan Park, which still to this day, I am not sure how we got in.  The other caravaners did look at us when we arrived, covered in red dirt with disdain.  One elderly gentleman informed Matt that the site that we had been put on was for the "dirty cars". 
We had a very busy last day and a half with Granny to end her trip in Broome and her time with us.  We went to The World's Old Operating Outdoor Cinema to watch Bran Nue Day with her and our friends, the Brieffies.  It was fantastic seeing it there as it was where it was set.  It also featured the Beagle Bay Church which we had just seen that afternoon.

The next day was Granny's Busy Day in Broome as we zoomed around.  First we stopped at Cable Beach to eat our morning tea,

then we fixed my glasses which had spontaneously snapped in half, then we visited the Town Beach and Jetty

From there we went to the Museum and learnt all about the history of Broome

Then we ate some lunch in the park and Pete and John wrestled

Then dropped by Cable Beach for a camel ride

Lastly we took Gran to the airport to sadly say goodby to her as her week had finished and she had to go back to work.  The boys had a great time seeing Gran and felt refreshed from the time with her.  It was great for all of us to have her around and see the things that we are seeing.  A shame she can't spend more time.

Once she had left, we moved to a different campground where our friends, the Brieffies were, and it was half the price - at the PCYC - the overflow caravan park.  Lots of fun for the kids, a big basketball court, lots of scooter time (we didn't bring bikes, just stupid scooters, that have only been used about 4 times), and lots of kids to play with.  Fun.  Except when Frank fell off his scooter so hard that he sprained his wrist so badly that we didn't know if it was broken.  The hospital didn't either and put it plaster overnight.  Next day, all day he was kept there for checks, until, no, just sprained badly.  Still today (1 week later) he has terrible bruises on the inside of his wrists.

Matt serviced the truck, oil change, filter change, checked diff oils, and transmission oils and most importantly, muffler change due to the big hole in the muffler.  The only muffler he could get was a sports muffler, so now we sound hot.  Watch out!  

Three days later of no car....the kids and I had had enough of sitting around the caravan park....time to go.  One last play at the town beach water park, then outta there back up to Cape Leveque to go camping at Gambanan (the Aboriginal camping ground)  


  1. My dear, I love your posts. Thanks Meg and Matt, you are amazing. If only my Behroush could take a car apart and put it back together. Your boys are gorgeous and adorable and big and little. Saffron would love to mix with the likes of them! xoxo Janice

  2. Thank you Janice, so nice to hear from you. I often think of you and Beroush on our travel and the wonderful time that we had leap frogging with you. I would dearly love to meet her and I am sure that she would love to dance around the bush with the boys and have fun with the boys. Maybe one day? xx