Sunday, November 28, 2010

To Broken Hill to find Pro Hart...and much much more in Silverton

 I led the way... (this is really just to prove that I do drive for those who think that Matt does all the driving...) from Port Pirie on.  We stopped at Peterborough for a cuppa and checked out the really cool info centre which is a really old train.  Would you love one of those in you backyard!

 Just another oversized thing...there seemed to be heaps of those on the road from Broken Hill to Adelaide...

 Beautiful old houses...I love looking at them and taking pics of them.

 WOW! Another border crossing...although it seemed to be a little quiet...suddenly we crossed. The more we cross, the more boring they become.

 At the border.  How old is this sign?

 Time for a rest.  Not far to Broken Hill, but time to stop for the night.

Finally, as soon as we have left South Australia, we see the emblem of their state!

First stop in Broken Hill was the Pro Hart Gallery.  How fantastic!  I absolutely loved it...I hope that the rest did (??)

The reward of a milkshake at the end was gooooood!

We decided to go out Silverton (25km out of Broken Hill) to stay.  Pop 50!  Our smallest town yet.  One place to stay - Penrose Park.  Pick your own spot wherever you want and only & $18 per night for us!  Brilliant!! Worth every bit.

Great plants for the desert in Silverton.

One of the galleries in town

Outside the John Huges Gallery there were these really cool painted cars (emus)
 ....Looking at you!
 This is covered in bottle tops

 One of the big attractions in Silverton is the Mad Max memorabilia...
 and the lookout to the Mundi Mundi plains where Mad Max, Priscilla, and heaps of commercials were filmed.

 There is the odd donkey around...

At the new (7 week old) Mad Max museum being run by the mad fan (in a great way) Adrian

 Adrian's car number plate..I think this says it all
 I found a sock knitter here, Jacquie, who inspired me to start knitting socks.  Life is not too short to knit socks.

This is the road to where the next Mad Max 4 will be filmed - put off until 2012 due to the landscape to GREEN!!!
 A bridge that was smashed down during recent flooding!
 The Umberumerka Dam - was empty at the start of the year - can you believe that!
 A little rumble over afternoon tea!
 Mundi Mundi
 The old Gaol - one of the best museums that I have been to
 The memorial at Silverton

 Our campsite

 campfires there...nice


  1. great photos Meg, I love Broken Hill. Aren't the milkshakes fabulous? Enjoy the rest of your trip. Angela

  2. we are trying to...although at the moment we are drowning in Canberra! Might need a boat to get home... It is freezing here. We have thermals, polar fleeces and scarves on... thinking of you as it gets colder over in Canada :)