Saturday, July 17, 2010

From Karijini to Port Hedland

We left Karijini after changing our plans from originally going to Millstream-Chichester National Park to go to Port Hedland in the hope to catch the stairway to the moon (a natural phenomenon where the full moon rises reflecting on the mud flats) on one of the last days of the full moon.  It was a family choice (perhaps a little influenced by the fact that friends who we were camping with at Karijini were going to Port Hedland, and the kids were keen to keep hanging with them, and to see to the staircase). 

We drove through some incredible cuttings to get out of the ranges, and the pictures that Matt tried to take offer it no justice.  All I can say is that it was awesome to look at and I am sure that the guys at Top Gear would love to race any car around there in any weather. 

Lunch at a roadside stop where, as usual we had to hide behind a spinifex to wee!  Fine for the boys, prickly for me...

The boys learnt how to get the trucks to toot their horns and thought that it was the best while we had our lunch...then on to Port Hedland to try to find a place to rest... but that's another story!

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