Saturday, August 7, 2010

a few classic broome moments

Sunrise at the overflow

To finish our time in Broome while we were hanging around there, we went down to Cable Beach and lay under one of those numbered umbrellas, then John scooped up a pearl from in the sand!  It is yet to be discovered whether it is of any value of not, if not it is our treasure.

We also met up with Jen, my sister-in-law's friend, Trac and had a Barbie at Town Beach and chatted with a local who joined us and took home some of our leftover tucker for his mob.

The boys continued to do some beading, I cut the hair for the neighbours (and got some pocket money! yippee!), and we went down to Gantheum Point for a sunset dinner with all the other locals (or were they also tourists....).

(Frank's leg before leaving Broome)

Felt a little sad to leave, however, time to go and see other things, excited about seeing our very good friends, the Wallaces who we were meeting at the Broome Bird Observatory (OK, we were not going very far).


  1. Frank your leg's looking like it is getting better. We loved Point G at sunset too. colour divine. Enjoy the next leg ( of the trip !!) We watched Bran Nue Dae last night - loved it laughed and remembered Broome. Love Sally

  2. yes, getting much better. today, nothing on it at all. it is a pretty big scar though. next leg actually takes us back to broome for some work for a couple of weeks...worse places to be!xx

  3. Awesome, that's what I think, I love to read about your colorful trip. A meaningful education for you all. Have fun with your jobs for a bit! Happy to see Frank's leg looks good. You all look very good. We love birdwatching and Saffron especially has a love for seeing and identifying as many as she can, so she'll love to read this entry! We are just back from 3-weeks in Maine, off the coast on a tiny island with no cars, no phones, no computer, no bikes, no stores .. just gentle paths, lots of birds, the ocean, gorgeous rocks familes with kids and quiet nights. This made us very rested and content. nighty-night.