Sunday, November 21, 2010

another border to cross without seeing Lambert's Centre

 We discovered the joy of the nectar of this beautiful flower as we were leaving Sandy Way rest area in NT on our way to Lambert's Centre.

 At Kulgera (the town where we would have turned in) we found out the weather forecast (wet, wet and wetter), and that the road would have become a muddy river (impassible).  Having been there, done that, we were not willing to do that again.  As far as we were concerned, the centre of Australia is not about to move.  We'll come back.

 Border crossing...nothing too exciting, but there it was, we did have to go off the main road to see this though..
...then more rain to come. Hurrah!  This is a soggy Australia. We stayed at a beautiful place called Angus Creek and had a fire and sprinkle of rain, then kept on heading down the Stuart...missing our dirt roads.  On our way to Coober Pedy, stalling to hope that the Oodnadatta track opens again for us to have a little look...

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