Thursday, November 25, 2010

shelter by the Port Pirie with the Brieffies

We pointed our cars, in convoy, from the Flinders, after a walk at Wilpena Pound, to Port Pirie, The City of Opportunity.

 We drove past a double decker sea crate train...that was a first... going past the Mt Remarkable range... A full circle for us.  It felt a little bit weird for us
 A beautiful sign (sign addicts) at Quorn, where we had a cuppa
 Ruins...ruins...everywhere ruins

Then, Port Pirie.  Not the brightest, happiest, most interesting looking of places.  A place of contrasts.  Industry, and lovely old buildings.  Smelter for zinc, copper,  lead and iron....and a program to improve the health of 10% of the kids by 2010...hang on that's now...

Fishing after a cold days rain.

 John with his first crab

After the rain, we have always found that there is a beautiful sunset...even with a smelter and power lines!

The good news was that we had chosen a great place to be to shelter out of the rain.  Locals told us that when it rains, it usually goes north and south around Port Pirie, and sorta misses it...  That kinda happened.  We only got 18 mm, Leigh Creek (near where we had been) got 78 mm!  The creeks all flow once again! 
our last view of the Brieffies...
From here we said a big good bye to our very dear friends, the Brieffies, as they head to Perth to start their new life over there, and we continue our journey home.  Point the car East.  Broken Hill, here we come!

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