Saturday, December 4, 2010

Across two borders, through the rain, flooded plains, and icy rains to shelter

We left Canberra, wet and cold, without a distinct plan (as we often have) as to where we going, other than Cooma. At Cooma with our heads in the clouds, literally, we decided that it was time to make a run for my mum's holiday house in Inverloch to try to dry out the tent before getting home given that we have no space at home for that.

The rain did not stop the whole day. We were amazed at all of the water everywhere. We crossed two borders that day, and the ground got soggier. The rain got heavier. We had tried to stick to bitumen, yet even one of these was being worked on and we slipped and slid all over the place. When the wet is wetter.
A cuppa in Cann River in the drizzle. Lovely spot there, even in the drizzle. The drive all the way through there is so beautiful. It reminded us of South West Western Australia with the beautiful big trees.

This was our longest day travelling, but we knew that we didn't have to set up the tent at the end of the day and that made a huge difference. We travelled 670 km altogether.
Fish and chips in Bairnsdale. What a treat. Great when you are freezing and everything is saturated!

We finally arrived at 10pm and turned on LIGHTS!! and opened DOORS!! A roof! Wow, it really is the small things. People call this civilisation. We are calling it transition.


  1. Hello Meg, I've been going through my 'followers' and remembered that you were taking off around Australia last time we spoke. I've just listened to your interview with Dugald Saunders and wanted to say congratulations on hanging in there. It sounds as though your trip was rewarding for you all. Cheers, Alaine

  2. Thank you so much Alaine! Yes, we made it... and incredibly rewarding. Thanks for remembering me, cheers, Meg