Friday, December 3, 2010

From Dubbo to Canberra, through the country...

We said our goodbyes to the Dunn's now knowing that they are only 800km up the road, we are sure to see them again...

Our first stop was Parkes to see The Dish and have a go at the Whispering Dishes
 We were lucky enough to get one of our few family shots here too by some people who had been up to Lake Eyre (by plane..).  We watched some movies on going to Mars, the size of stars (Canis Major is the biggest one), and watched a man walk to the top of the dish.
 We decided to stop at a little town called Gooloogong, because it showed that they had free camping right in the centre of town, was on the way to Canberra, and we really like little towns.  There were only 4 other people camped there (all a little older).  This gentleman serenaded us with his accordion making us feel like we were in an SBS movie with all the odd things driving past on the back of trucks - harvest time.

 The campground was right next to a playground which was pretty handy for 3 boys.  They made sure that they made good use of it.

 We had a little look around town and found the local shop to get some food for dinner and then had a drink at the pub and a yak with the locals.  Love a country town.  Nice folks

 Next day we needed to get to Canberra - we had to vote by 6pm.  Still enough time to pop into the "Fun Museum" at Cowra.  We thought that we would find some of the war memorabilia here, knowing, as Matt did (I didn't), that a POW camp had been in Cowra.  I think that "Fun" may have been a loose term.  They allowed us in on a discount, not sure if that is because no-one else goes there, or just felt sorry for us.  There is SO much stuff there, rooms and rooms and rooms and rooms of war, transport, farming, modelling, and other weird collected stuff.  Wow.  Apparently it is all going to close down in a couple of years time, so, if you love this stuff, go, but, make sure you go with PLENTY of time and energy, as there is heaps and heaps to look at.  One really good thing about this place was that they had a treasure hunt for the kids (apparently there were prizes, however, no-one to be seen when we left....),  A slight odd, collectors paradise place.
This is perhaps my overwhelming stuff, and dust
 Signs (Matt's obsession)
 Room number 8
some missile thing...impressed? 
 War things, and me being really excited about it

WOW - Is that the Hume?  This seems really, really close now.  Been here before!

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