Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gorgeous Kennedy Ranges...Peace

Another planet!

After trying to talk to a brick wall dude at Gascoyne Junction (not into small talk), we arrived at Kennedy Ranges National Park in awe of their size and feeling of being in some other age.

We arrived almost at sunset at a tiny campsite nestled in the red sandstone cliffs to be greeted with a cup of tea by the campground hosts (Helen and Charlie). Only about 4 other groups of people were camped there. We were told there would be a communal campfire that we could use if we wanted for cooking that would be on every night – this proved to be very useful. Aaah. We felt like we had arrived at last.

Red dirt, peace, incredible sunsets, remoteness, a campfire in a national park and welcoming people who made it feel like a community – could we stay here forever?

We slept well that night.

We stayed for a total of 6 nights until we realised that we would not have enough food and water for Mt Augustus if we did not move on.

There were incredible gorges (no water at this time of year) with amazingly coloured rocks. Fossils with cockle shells and sea worms and other things from when this area was under the sea.

We were not able to leave until all of the walks were completed – with the Escarpment Trail and Temple Gorge being the most remarkable geology-wise, and Sunrise for it’s namesake (despite the 5.45am rise!!).

At the top of Escarpment Trail

Sunrise where we may have spoilt a romantic moment for an English couple...

John unfortunately hurt his foot quite badly when goosing around and jumping off this rock….

And was unable to walk properly for a week afterward. Luckily I was able to hange out with him as I had hit my toe badly on a rock (walking to the loo without my glasses on in the night) and think I broke my middle toe…!

Anyway…We LOVED Kennedy Ranges so much that we dropped back on our way after Mt Augustus (but that’s another story).

240km (ish) inland from Carnarvon – BYO water, food, fuel and good attitude as road and be pretty corrugated. Inaccessible during the rain (and you’ll cop a fine if you drive it!).
The boys & the Delany's getting their "Escarpment Certificates" from Helen "Mimi" the campground host with the most

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