Saturday, June 19, 2010

Road to Mt Augustus

We travelled on the same day from Kennedy Ranges to Mt Augustus as another family we had just met from Melbourne, the Delany’s, doing their annual 2 month trip. Our kids gelled straight away so they had a bunch of fun on the walks together at Kennedy. It was a great drive through some really dusty roads and dry creek beds past hollow cattle, white rock on top of the red dirt making it look like snow, then changing to red/brown rocks on top of the red dirt. The dust was the finest dust that we have driven through yet.

We past one creek bed and were surprised to actually see water. Stopped and saw black swans (which of course moved to the other end of the waterhole at the commotion of the kids).

Finally we way the beauty of this enormous reddy-purply-green rock rising up. Mt Augustus. The largest rock in the world. We had arrived. All a little shaken, dusty, however, we were in awe. We felt like were in the middle of nowhere. “outback Resort” is a loose term, however, it was aright up our alley – bush camping, campfires, great hosts (Lou and Beryl), red dirt, great views, but with a toilet, shower and a laundry where they only charged $5 for as many loads as you needed to do! Incredible!!! We watched the sunset and the full moon rise. Does it get better than this?

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