Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mt Augustus (Burringurrah)….The Big Rock

We were somewhat limited in our ability as a family to do all of the walks to the lookouts and in particular the summit (12km – class 4 & 5) due to John’s bad foot (see Kennedy entry). Incredible rock engravings, or petroglyphs as they are called.

The rock is different to Uluru in that it actually has vegetation on it (and a bunch less people) – even though they say it hasn’t rained here for 4 years!

Frank, Pete and Matt attempted the summit on one days, however, Peter got giddy near the top, so they had to return to base. Second day Frank and Matt made it. They were gone for the entire day (fairly long hot days at base camp). A huge achievement for them.

At a waterhole called Cattle Pool, we saw a bevy of birds (we have become quite the twitchers since leaving).

Then at Flinstone Rock we sawy the most incredible petroglyph in a cave up really close….until Pete spotted a snake up really close! Then we fled.

A remarkable place (yet again) with the most magnificent sunrises and sunsets (that only seemed to get better as the days went by).

We fell in love with the red dirt and the rock, and were driven out due to having 2 nights worth of food left and 20 l of drinking water….

Time to get back to a town and restock.

We decided on a dirt road through the stations with an overnight stop beside the road with final destination …Coral Bay.

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