Sunday, June 27, 2010

Through flooded roads to dusty ones

Approaching our first river crossing

Getting from the Ningaloo to Tom Price was an arduous task and we had “that fleeing feeling” as we crossed flooded rivers and looked at flood plains hoping for somewhere to pull up to camp (given that we had only left camp at 3.30pm!). We came to rest at Barradale rest stop at 6.30pm and pulled up between 2 caravans figuring that they wouldn’t camp on too muddier ground. It was nice to be drier.

The next day (17 June) we left off slowly after Matt fixed someone’s puncture and started someone else’s car. We had a lovely bush camp some 40 km out of Tom Price after a scary moment behind an oversized vehicle (before we remembered that we had Pete’s radio – aah, that’s what we use it for!). It was so lovely to be by ourselves in the Pilbara dirt and spinifex, to have a quiet dinner, bush shower, and not hear a single thing all night. Serenity.

Leaving our bush camp spot

We finally made it into Tom Price (with only 20 litres of diesel to spare!!!) and checked into the only caravan park to begin the drying out process…where to begin when the roof bag is a pool, clothes bags saturated, tents, mattresses, blankets…need I go on?

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