Monday, June 28, 2010

Tom Price…exceeding expectations

“I like the smell of this place, can we stay here?” from F, J & P…well, at $50 a night, probably not. Tom Price is an expensive place to stay, but we liked it anyway for a number of reasons.

It exceeded our expectations for what we thought a mining town would be. It was green and lush compared to the land around the town and the people were all very friendly, and the kids were right, it did smell nice. I think that it might have been the watered lawns and plants that did this, certainly not the red dust that surrounded.

Frank doing a bit of stitching

becoming gypsies as we try to dry out

We happened upon the Tom Price annual art show (for our anniversary) which was brilliant, and a feast for our eyes. Great to see how the surroundings are so inspirational for artists.

The rest of our anniversary was taken up with time at the hospital getting x-rays on Pete’s wrist as he had been jumped on the previous day (by a brother) and had a very sore wrist. Doctor and Radiologist saw the tiniest of lines in a bone so put him in a half plaster….blah. One cranky boy.

Pete in plaster

Some lovely friends, the Brieffies, we had met down south and again in Carnarvon met us on the 20th and we had a great reunion. We were treated out to our first kid free moment of an evening out to one of the 2 restaurants, “Half Moon Chinese Restaurant” where we had beautiful vinegar chicken. The boys obviously were very comfortable to be left with Jude and Lyndon as they barely said good-bye to us!

Sturt Desert Pea spotted by John

The next day we explored the Hamersley Gorge (at the top end of the Karijini National Park) and had our first gorge swim. Remarkable is all I can say.

Hamersley Gorge

Finally on our way out of Tom Price we drove to the top of Mt Nameless (the highest road that you can access by 4wd). It took nearly 1.5 hr to go up and down. The road was very steep in a number of sections, but up at the top, we could see the ranges around, the town and the mine. I was glad to let go of the grab bar and let the circulation back into my hands once we were down…

Resting at the top of Mt Nameless

Onwards to Karijini National Park to be gorged out

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