Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting down at the Rodeo amongst the Boab Trees in Derby

A quick trip to Derby (250km up the road) for a great little bit of work for Matt found us staying at Bill's place which made us reminisce of our place back home with all of the odd bits and pieces in the garden.  We felt quite at home as gnomes at the bottom of the garden there.  Wonderful birds to look at and all sorts of plants to look at.

Matt was flat out working for the three days that we were there as a roadie for a wedding gig and an indig band gig at the rodeo.  He took the kids along him to the rodeo for one of the days to really absorb the atmosphere.  Three words:  "they loved it".

The other day, the boys and I checked out Derby Kimberley School of the Air, the old Gaol (and felt the sadness there), strolled around the hot and dusty town, sat under a boab tree or two and passed the time by. 

Of course we also had barra fish and chips on the jetty at sunset...does anyone come to Derby, and not do it?

We loved the heat and dustiness of Derby.  It is a much redder town than Broome (and hotter).  Boabs serve a real purpose of shade and they are magnificent against the sky.  This is the first town we have gotten to however, that we have been told, you mustn't swim in the water. Crocs.  Eeep!

It was a quick trip as we had to get back to Broome for our 2 week stint for Matt working as the OIC (Officer In Charge no less!!) for the Pre Poll Voting Centre for the Federal Election....but that is another story!

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