Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Quick Lesson in Politics, Voting and Running Polling Booths

Day 1 of Matt being the OIC of Broome Pre Poll Voting Centre (which was to cater for any and everyone who was eligible to vote within Australia who happened to be in Broome), he and the other 2 staff were completely innudated by all of the other travellers (like us) who happened to be here!  I was immediately signed up as well and the kids sat up the back (in the cool air con) and did their school work, read, did craft, watched a movie, etc. 

We all had a steep learning curve of understanding how it all worked and went about our training online.  Whenever it was quiet enough, usually around "sundowner hour", I finished work and took the kids "home" to our tent to get rid of their physical energy on their scooters while I cooked tea. 

Occassionally it didn't work out that way..

It has been a very long two weeks, and I have to say that we have the most tremendous kids, and Matt ran the most awesome centre given that none of the staff had ever done this before.  We had a huge nuimber of people come through our doors, much, much more than expected by anyone, but we did it! So much so that we even made the news!

Election day was quieter than the others as we only had interstate voters, yet the count kept us there until 11pm, then we were there the next day to package all up to get it onto a tiny plane to Geraldton. 

Incredible to be part of this amazing election, and now that I have done the count, I have learnt so much more about how the House of Representative preferences work.  So next time you vote, really think about it, because it all does matter, every number! 

Now we are tired.  Recovering.  All of us.  We are having a week in Broome to put our things away, tidy up, sort our things out, pick up our SOLAR PANEL that we ordered (yes even more exciting), and try to remember that we are "travelling family" not a family living in Broome.  Then we are hitting the Gibb.  It's getting hot over here, and only going to get hotter.  Plans will be reviewed, but that's OK, that's travelling.

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  1. Wow this is the first time I have looked at your blog. What a rich time you are having. What a brave boy you are Frank. Love your photos. a wee bit hot for me but can see it suits you. Good luck travelling north but it will be sad to move on. Sue Michell xxxxxxx