Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Beautiful Bungles...what I had been waiting for since home

we love looking at the faces on the rocks! can you see it?

the spectacular view coming into the cathedral end

The beautiful Bungles...WOW!!! What an experience they were. 
the dome near the toilet

walking in towards the cathedral walk

the overwhelming feel of the domes

the dry creek beds

frank, john and pete where the water would normally fall



Walking back from the cathedral

3 muskateers

looking up picanniny gorge

LOOKOUT!! from the lookout

Cracks in Rocks

Pete in a hollow

afternoon tea time looking back at the domes

The other side of Purnululu National Park looked quite different.  There were less of the domes, and more conglomorated rock.  We walked through Echidna Chasma.

They certainly exceeded our expectations for their awesomeness, their ancient feel, artistic inspiration, and the fact that we were luck enough to be there during a cooler spell making all of the walk very easy. 

We even had a touch of rain to freshen the pallette and there was a vast array of wildflowers, rocks and birdlife to distract myself and the boys.

Great to have been to this World Heritage place and been 5 of the 44,000 annual visitors. 

We would have stayed for longer but we are really aware of the heat rising in the further north east where we are still to go....

Come bet!!!

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