Saturday, October 2, 2010

Leaving Western Australia....and entering Northern Territory (finally)

Well, I guess the day had to finally come...

A mad mixture of feelings, sadness to leave the most beautiful untouched state of remarkable places, and having missed so many of them, and I guess a little excitment to see what NT would offer us.

We did pop into the Zebra Rock Cafe on the way and saw some remarkable rock (yes, there is more!!)  and freakishly large fish after a night on the Dunham River (before Kununurra)

where we were entertained with fireworks from other travellers who had come from the great NT where it seems that the rules are a little different....

One of the saddest things was that somehow we missed our very good friends Bubi and Line and Samuel from Denmark, as they made their way back from Darwin on the very same stretch of road on the very same days. 

We stopped at a couple of places on the way to Katherine, Saddle Creek (loads of loud backpackers) and

then Sullivans Campground at Gregories National Park.  It is hotter here, and there are less boabs, and more presence of crocs.  Signs everywhere warning about them.  EEEP!!

We had a look at one of our last boab trees being where Gregories camp was (great old explorer up here).

Then on towards Katherine straight into Katherine Gorge...

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