Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Umbrawarra Gorge...alone again with the cane toads

We decided on one last stop before Katherine, Douglas Daly or Umbrawarra.  We decided that as there was more bitumen to Douglas Daly, there would be more people there, it would be more touristed...ladadada....and so the discussion went on.  Umbrawarra it was.

It was only 24 km off the highway of dirt...  Great corrugation, and "dips" that us southerners don't really understand, but we are now getting to know as "ah, this would really be flowing in the wet, I guess", dips.  Dry as a bone road and hard as a rock, but it was interesting landscape, and that I have to say it what we like about the travelling - not necessarily getting there, but seeing the stuff on the way.

We got there pretty late as we had driven through Litchfield (on the 4wd track) and swam, and we were the only people there, again! Weird, hey!  We do quite enjoy the peace, however, of the bush to ourselves, it just doesn't happen very often.  Fly-orama, however, until after the sun set, then after that, the cane toads alighted on us. 

An interesting thing about them.  They come to you.  Like sheep to the slaughter.  Cane toads to the cricket bat.  I am yet to hit one (I am still repulsed and slightly freaked out by them), but the boys (of all ages) seem to have reverted to some primal instinct and delight in it.   Matt is now trying to teach the fine art of humane killing of the pest.  One fine hit to the head is plenty.  Nice.
Dragonflies at night all perched on the ends of twigs

Anyway, the gorge.  One other traveller, an Apollo (hire 4wd car) zoomed past in the morning to have a quick squizz, but were gone before we could even pack up.  

By the time we were done a 2wd had arrived (what?) and looked at the sign, read it, and then he popped back in the car, and drove back?  Double what??? 

We walked the very short 2km return and had a lovely swim with a water monitor before getting back in the truck that was making more and more noise in the back right wheel area.  Time to find a mechanic in Katherine.

car on the hoist in Katherine - brake pads

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