Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Luscious Litchfield

We have just had the most awesome 4 wheel drive through Litchfield National Park in Northern Territory. 

After a two days of exploring it we saw:

the very touristic Wangi Falls

and then stayed at the 4wd campsite at Florence Fall (and I have to say that when they say 4wd up here, they mean it! We slid back down the hill trying to get out, and had to engage low gear to haul our 3.5 tonne truck and trailer out! Great excitement for all) with an evening and early swim at Florence Falls,

followed by a swim at Buley Rockholes (which was beautiful, albeit somewhat touristic and crowded)

a look-see at the weird, awesome and incredible Magnet Termite Mounds that made me think of hands coming out of the ground

a roam through the Lost City (which was a beautiful 4wd access only drive in, lovely and shady, through tall trees to find ourselves in amongst these tall sandstone rocks left from another time)

and then we left the bitumen to explore the Reynolds 4wd Track of Litchfield. 

This was probably the most awesome of all.  All in all we had about 5 river crossings (and one of them was about half way up the door), incredibly steep dry bed crossings, and driving through land that could have been in the Jurassic time.  Magnetic termite mounds, livistoni palms, bamboo, huge paperbarks, grasslands, orchids, birds....and CANE TOADS!!  Yes, our first real experience with the cane toad and the boys had a great time whacking and thumping the cane toad.

Cane Toad pretending he wasn't there, hoping to hitch a ride... hope with these cane toad busters around

Cane Toad Busted..

We camped alone at the Sandy Creek campsite - must be out of season - and slept in for the first time in a long time. 

Part of the Reynold's Track - magnet termite mound fields

At Surprise Pool we found another couple of people who had braved the river crossings and corrugations and enjoyed the wonderful pool with them.
A beautiful lagoon

Litchfield really is a pleasure, and even more so if you have a four wheel drive!  So glad that we got one before we left home and are not at the gate looking wondering what it behind it.
John filling in the Reynolds Track report


  1. We loved Litchfield too. We weren't as brave as you though with the river crossings. We loved buley rock holes despite the crowds. And the kids thought the fish nibbling on their scabs in florence falls was hysterical.
    Looks like you are having a great time.
    Don't hurry home reality sucks!

  2. AH you guys!!!Sounds like you are still having a great time despite the problems with the vehicle. I am chaffing at the bit to get back up to the north, but will have to wait awhile now that we will be travelling down south for awhile since changing the caravan.

  3. Hey! Paul and Karen, nice to hear from you!! Best to wait to go up north - too hot and wet at the moment!! Maybe try May/June.... Don't forget to pop in

    Moerks...we're nearly Flinders Ranges our youngest said "it even smells like home"