Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Wet When Darwin is not having a Wet!

I know that we are loved.  By someone, somewhere.  We are good at bringing the rain on, when it is not meant to be there, a little too early...  All the signs were there.  People were murmuring... 'It's too hot not to rain, the rain has to come'.  Sure enough it did.

We found out that even if I had finished the waterproofing (which I haven't quite), it wouldn't have made any difference.  This rain drives THROUGH the tent. 

Luckily we are staying with Maus and Brig, who are staying with other folk who have tarps, well, the size of a house.  Matt put this on (with a little help), and saved our poor little tent from the deluge, and then when the rain stopped, we began to suffocate from the humidity and the green ants took over. 

It really is a great place up here in Darwin - at other times of year, or if you live in a house.

We have been to the free water park - can you believe it - FREEE!!!!

The museum is brilliant, a real sensation in regard to understanding what a cyclone would sound like in the sound room.  It frightened the heck out of me.  It also has the most brilliant aboriginal art, modern and classical, and a 9m croc called "Sweetheart" and a whole room dedicated to crocs.

We have been to the lovely Nightcliff at sunset and felt the beautiful evening breeze,

and the boys went down the WWII storage tunnels. 

We have looked at and listened to unusual birds and insects, and flowers.
Matt, Meg & Brig planning the next leg of the journey

A Pineapple in the garden

Steve, Maus, Matt and the boys with the pineapple

We have had a lovely time catching up with Maus and Brig and even enjoyed cooking a meal in the oven for the first time in 7 months (I had to ask how to use it - it really has been that long!!).

Another oil change in the backyard and checking out the weird noises on the truck before the journey home.

I think that we are ready to head south to get some better sleep and hopefully stay a little drier.  So much to see still, and what seems like so little time.


  1. Hi guys lovely to see your pics.. hope your travelling well.. we are still in Broome...have the great campervan/4wd/caravan swap in Kununurra at the end of the month... So we will sell the camper and travel on.. planning to head back south to millstream/cape range till perhaps after christmas, and then start making our way north again..

    Safe travels to you all,
    best wishes, monique and the girls..

  2. Monique!! We think of you all the time. That is great news about the swap. Looking foward to hearing more. We are missing Broome so much. xx