Saturday, November 13, 2010

The West MacDonnells, a pleasant surprise, albeit 2wd

Our first day in Ormiston Gorge saw us visit the Ellery Big Hole.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We were expecting it to be really cold.  It was cold (I only dipped in, but the boys had a great swim).

The rope hanging off the tree was a big hit, then they swam to the other end, and played on an old tree for another hour... how blissful!

The Ochre Pits were wonderful to look at and as a dabbling artist, very tempting to touch, however, the warnings were all there.  Look, don't touch, so they were heeded.  Stunning.

We were blessed to be at Ormiston whilst there was so much water there and a nesting Nankeen Kestrel.  WOW!  What a delight


The walk up to the Ghost Gum lookout, stunning flowers, spinifex in flower and great views

Me holding the trusting bird book.

Onwards to Palm Valley at Finke National Park

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  1. oh so good .. what an amazing thing to be able to see it so lush!! seeing you soon!