Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trephina Gorge...and a little bit of Alice

Nice to be back in a National Park, there is always something about them that we like...

Trephina Gorge is beautiful and we found a wonderful campground.  Our setups are a bunch better now where we arrive, stop and eat something (with the flies) and then when everyone is sated, set up.  Much better.

We popped into Alice Springs for some supplies (we were running a little low), and found, a town, just like many others out here.  Quite dusty, enough shops to provide us with what we needed, and probably too many people and cars for our liking. 

We ate on top of Anzac Hill to gain some perspective and saw all of the ranges, and met some of the folk who had been here for the Masters the week before (believe it or not, we are old enough now to be in "the Masters - just need to find a sport now). 

We found out about the roads on the West, all dirt roads shut due to the rains...  Time to wait for a couple of days. 

Trephina Gorge itself was lovely to swim in, warm and delicious, fresh and flowing. 

Flies were ferocious.  Win some, lose some. 

From here we will head straight across to the West MacDonnell.


  1. I am so jealous that you are still out there travelling. Looks like you are having a great time. We felt a bit like that about Alice springs too. I hope you enjoy the West McDonnell ranges and that the weather is kind to you.

  2. Hi we are actually just out of Broken HIll now...just a little behind on the blogging!! EEP... on our way home, and only just coping. Will be coming through from Mildura way and only have 3 weeks left now. Still loving it.